Community Ecology

Bryan Foster


Graduate Students

Naomi Betson

My research focus is in restoration ecology, particularly as it relates to problems of global change and invasive species. I am interested in exploring how factors such as the phenology and spatial structure of seeded species influence the resulting communities



Undergraduate Students

Kurt Edwardson


Former Lab Members

Todd Aschenbach (PhD)

Cathy Collins (PhD)

Alex Bittel (MA)

Kathy Denning (PhD)

Tim  Dickson (PhD)

Jeremy Forsythe (MA)

David Hall (PhD)

Sarah Hinman (MA, PhD)

Irene Khavin (MA)

Cheryl Murphy (MA, PhD)

Sheena Parsons (MA, Technician)

Mari Peek (MA)

Erin Questad (PhD)


Latest Reasearch

Local and regional-scale processes interact to govern the assembly, diversity and functioning of ecological communities. Evaluating the interplay of these...