Community Ecology

Long-term studies of secondary succession and community assembly in the prairie-forest ecotone of eastern Kansas (NSF LTREB # 0950100)


The Data Catalog below provides a general description of all project datasets (core, secondary and ancillary data). Links to core data (and metadata) that are immediately available for download are provided below. Other data listed in the Data Catalog (secondary and ancillary data) can be requested by contacting the project PI (

Data Catalog

Experiment 1: Plant Biomass / Metadata

Experiment 1: Plant Species Composition (% Cover) / Metadata

Experiment 2: Plant Biomass / Metadata

Experiment 2: Plant Species Composition (Biomass) / Metadata

Data Use Policy: We encourage the use of these LTREB data. However, any users intending to publish these data in any form are required to obtain written permission from the project PI beforehand.

Last updated: July 10, 2016

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